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If there is one word that might encapsulate the last fifteen years or so it's Change.

Many changes have been for the better - the much needed and much improved focus on diversity, equality, sustainability. The move to hybrid working. Disruptive technologies.

Change can be an excellent stimulant and yield big benefits for organisations and individuals in terms of ideas, ways of working, markets, services, products, solutions, organisations.

However, these are not always easy to achieve. Coaching has become one of the key tools of today to help Individuals, Teams and Groups attain new objectives and goals.

I work with individuals and organisations to achieve change in areas that can have major benefits across the board:

  • innovation
  • growth
  • sustainability
  • promotion to a more senior role
  • breaking through barriers

These are where my background, skills and experience have most benefit; where through working together you or your organisation can step up; where we can address questions like 'what if...?'

who works with me?

My clients broadly tend to fall into three groups:

  • Individuals looking at changing direction or stepping up to a new role / position
  • Directors and senior managers in organisations wanting to change, grow and innovate
  • Start-ups, scale-ups and individuals starting out and making a difference

I am pleased to work with anyone who believes we can work together for their best benefit.

some comments from clients:

  • Al is a really good coach with plenty of knowledge and experience…I would highly recommend his business coaching.
  • Al's presentation blew me away. He managed to get 32 people to bond unexpectedly with such a simple method in about 3 minutes. Really learnt something there
  • As always, I felt heard and understood by my coach.
  • Al's coaching helped me build a new future for myself.
  • Great coach

why lateral?

Lateral coaching is based on the premise that there is no box. When looking for and considering options there should be no constraints and and no consideration of previous constraints. Often to move forwards you need to move sideways first to gain a new perspective; see round the wall, find the bridge, open the tunnel.


I'm an engineer / musician / photographer turned executive coach and I use my experiences and skills in all these areas in coaching. Different clients / different situations require different approaches and, with a broad background spanning technology and creativity, I bring different facets and approaches to suit the 'here and now' of my client. This could be business, creative, performance, technical, life or a combination.

My business life has been in executive and non-executive roles in fast paced industries where the link between business, technology and the environment is hard to define but key to success. Where innovation and change are constant requirements. Exciting and rewarding roles with the opportunity to learn something new every day.

I hold an ILM7 qualification in executive coaching and I'm a Member of the Association for Coaching.


Thank you for your interest in Lateral Coaching.

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