coaching programmes

Lateral coaching programmes

group coaching for startups, scaleups and microbusinesses

Startups and micro businesses form the vast majority of UK companies and they are essential for all our futures as many aim to break the mould, innovate and create. Running a company is another matter. Until you really experience it it’s a closed book, regardless of any previous training. To be able to share questions and ideas with people in similar positions can help. If this is done in a Read More

The Long View Programme

The Long View Programme aims to help clients answer the question ‘where now?’ It is best used when someone is facing or considering a significant change of focus, direction or interest in the fairly near to medium future. Typical situations include: Questioning their career path or feeling stuck in a rut and needing a major change. Coming up to retirement age but desire to continue using their energies and insights Read More

Introducing Kickstart and Take-off Coaching Programmes

Kickstart and Take-off are two linked programmes that help people – looking into non-executive roles – newly promoted to senior manager or executive level – changing companies at a senior/executive level These programmes can help you step up to a new role with confidence and clarity. Kickstart is a two-session programme which is all about you and what / who you want to become. Take-off is a five-session follow-on programme Read More