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Broadly speaking, there are three main types of coaching.

Firstly there is one-to-one coaching. This is where a coach and a client work directly together for that client's benefit. The client could contract directly with the coach or it might be the client's employer that contracts with the coach.

Team coaching is where a coach works with a team within an organisation. Typically the team members all have their own areas of responsibility and expertise and are all driving towards a common goal.

Group coaching is a little different and tends to be rather more structured. The people in the group typically have their own businesses, products and services, however the challenges to be faced are similar for all. Consequently it’s often used to address common challenges such as: how do I do that? Why should I be considering this? What can we do to make this work better? Everyone inputs ideas; everyone can question concepts and everyone learns from and is inspired by everyone else. An additional outcome can be an ongoing support community for the group.

It tends to be be more affordable as costs are shared between the members of the Group. This can make it more suitable for startups, micro-businesses and scaleups. There are over five million businesses in these categories in the UK and together they make up 95% of businesses.

group coaching for startups, scaleups and microbusinesses

These five million companies are essential for all our futures, particularly as many aim to break the mould, innovate and create.

Running a company is another matter. Until you really experience it it’s a closed book, regardless of any previous training. To be able to share questions and ideas with people in similar positions can help. If this is done in a Group Coaching context where little of your precious work time is taken and you can gain context and insights from other attendees it can really help. So we've put together a Group Coaching Programme to do just this.

Seven 60-minute group coaching sessions on seven business areas (sales and marketing, suppliers and distributors, managing staff, investors, day-to-day finance, legal and ESG); one a fortnight.
It’s a rolling programme and people can join at any time – sessions do not follow on from each other.

Included is an Individual Performance Programme of four 30-minute sessions – all about how you work and interact. Three group sessions looking at Values, Emotional Quotient and Work Load. These help you in working with others and in getting day-to-day work done effectively and efficiently. Plus an initial one-to-one session looking at Team Roles and Skills which helps your focus in getting the most out of the programme and in moving forward with your business.

The fee for all of the above is currently £895.00 per attendee.

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startups and scaleups

Starting growing and scaling your business can be exhilarating and fulfilling. It can also be scary, long days of hard work, worry and stress. The sad fact is that in the UK around 60% will fail in the first three years and over 70% in the first five years.

So why do they fail? Typically:

  1. Misunderstanding market, market demand and competition/li>
  2. Insufficient management skills - hard and soft/li>
  3. Staff - lack of people and/or wrong people
  4. Not managing money and investment
  5. Growing / changing too fast (people / products / services etc)
  6. Wrong idea / product / service

You can avoid or navigate most of these with the right help and support. Even better, if the people delivering the help and support have been involved in startups, i.e. they have ‘lived experience’ and understand what it’s like, it can really make a difference.

First step - understand more about who you are, how you work, what really matters to you and how you interact with others. If you have these figured out you can start to adapt to to suit people both inside and outside your company, which invariably generates the best outcomes for both you and them. We help get you there through profiling, exercises and quizzes.

Group Coaching is used for most of the exercises and addressing all the topics in the list. Group Coaching helps through bringing the experiences of others into play - and that can really generate insights.

As a reference, I’ve been involved in four startups. One failed for Reason 1. One failed for Reason 4. One ran its course and one is still going.

stable microbusinesses

An organisation with long term employees and a decent sized, happy customer base to whom they provide a quality service or product. Quite often with no wish to change.

The snag is, things can change outside the company and internal changes may be forced on you.

For example and from the list on the left:

  1. Understanding market, market demand and competition. Markets change over time as do market requirements (eg ESG)
  2. Management skills - hard and soft. Skills evolve and we can get set in our ways. ESG is also relevant.
  3. Finding / hiring / retaining the right staff. Succession planning
  4. Money and investment. Options and availablilty change over time
  5. Controlling growth. There is often an ebb and flow to be aware of and take account of
  6. Avoiding wrong new product / service. A product or service that was right yesterday may not be right today

As with startups and scaleups, these are questions / areas that should be looked at on a regular basis to minimise disruption to you and your business.

The same Group Coaching as for startups and scaleups applies as it brings the experiences of others into play - and that can really generate insights. Experiences and acquired knowledge can shape how you act; looking at who you are now, how you work, what really matters to you and how you interact with others can make a huge difference. Which can improve outcomes for you company, customers and staff.

core programme

Seven Group Coaching Sessions of 60 minutes, one session per fortnight on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Why fortnightly? Because monthly leaves a noticeable gap and attendees may find it less easy to get back into the swing of the sessions. More frequently can be too much of a time impact for these companies.

  1. Understanding market, market demand and competition.
  2. Management skills - hard and soft.
  3. Finding / hiring / retaining the right staff.
  4. Money and investment.
  5. Avoiding wrong new product / service.
  6. Controlling growth.
  7. ESG

The first six have been mentioned earlier. ESG is a topic on its own as it pretty much impacts everywhere. Collectively, microbusinesses and startups can have a major impact in the ESG space. We really can make a difference.

The seven topics are in no particular order and one does not follow on from another. This means that attendees can join at any time in the knowledge that they will cover all seven topics in a row.

To learn more or signup please email me on or you can set up a 30 minute into call here

individual performance programme

This focuses on how you work and interact.

One initial one-to-one session on team skills and roles - identifies your strengths and possible gaps

Three group sessions on:

  1. The core values that really matter to you and how they impact how you work and interact.
  2. Your emotional quotient which overlays your relationships and how you are seen.
  3. Work / life balance which can impact you mood, energy and stress levels.

To learn more or signup please email me on or you can set up a 30 minute into call here

extras and costs

One-to-one coaching may be of benefit for some attendees. Coaching is a great way of exploring ideas and possibilities. It's also good for looking into issues and concerns - and finding ways to address them effectively. Sessions are 60-75 minutes.

Further Exercises are available and an outline of six or so is provided to attendees when they join the programme. Each is approximately 30 minutes long. Each addresses a different aspect of your working life. Examples include Six Thinking Hats, Circle of Influence, Intended / Unintended Consequences, Five Alternative Uses, Vicious Flower and So What.

Standard Costs:
Programme: £895.00 per attendee,

Option Costs:
One-to-one coaching: £100.00 per session.
Exercises: £25.00 to £45.00 each depending on group size.

To learn more or signup please email me on or you can set up a 30 minute into call here