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Here’s to 2024

A big thanks to everyone who’s connected, engaged, messaged and networked with me in 2023; it’s been a fascinating year. Have a great and relaxing break. See you round the corner in 2024.

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Is it beneficial if your business coach has both strong creative and business sides?

I would say ‘definitely’ but perhaps from a slightly unusual angle. I’m a chartered engineer and engineering is a massively creative profession. At the core of engineering is design and turning that design into reality. The results are often stunning and endure. Just look at the three Forth Bridges as examples. Engineering is also about problem solving, managing projects, running teams, working with budgets. Areas that every organisation has to Read More

The Art and Science of Thinking Sideways

I’m sure you’ve read Edward de Bono. The originator of the concept of Lateral Thinking. He developed Six Thinking Hats – a way of looking into issues from a range of perspectives in a clear and conflict-free way. It can be used by teams, groups and individuals to move outwith our usual ways of thinking. Of trying out different approaches. Of thinking sideways to move forward. At Lateral Coaching we Read More

South Gloucestershire Business Show, 09-10 November 2022

We are exhibiting at the show in conjunction with Executive Coaching Associates and will be focusing on our approach to effective team coaching. It’s always great to meet people face to face so do please drop by Stand 35 if visiting the show. You can find out more about the show: here

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Quick Team Dynamics

We have developed a short programme to help teams better perform using a combination of exercises and coaching. We focus on three core exercises that can help each team member find our more about how they act and react in a team environment. We also run a team profiling exercise to establish the roles people tend to take in a team. Via a feedback session we bring this all together Read More

Introducing Kickstart and Take-off Coaching Programmes

Kickstart and Take-off are two linked programmes that help people – looking into non-executive roles – newly promoted to senior manager or executive level – changing companies at a senior/executive level These programmes can help you step up to a new role with confidence and clarity. Kickstart is a two-session programme which is all about you and what / who you want to become. Take-off is a five-session follow-on programme Read More