Breaking Through

There are days everything seems to be going well in a business. Other days, well…

Running a business of any size is complex and often difficult. It’s no surprise that sometimes the challenges can seem huge and possibly insurmountable.

By continuously worrying at the challenge, we can get stuck in our approach, even blinkered and often we don’t realise it.

This is the bit to address. Here’s a suggestion or two to help.

When not making progress with a challenge; stop, take a deep breath or two and mentally remove the blinkers. Think about approaching the challenge differently by changing your viewpoint:

• Stepping to the side – can the challenge by avoided or bypassed?
• Looking from a different angle – there’s frequently more than one approach
• Climbing over / tunnelling under – many blockers have boundaries we can identify

Why both ‘stepping to the side’ and ‘climbing / tunnelling’? We tend to think in two dimensions – left / right / ahead / behind – but there is a third dimension to explore – up/down.

Changing your viewpoint can help you breakthrough. Consistently changing your viewpoint can be a game changer.

No constraints, no limits, no box.