group coaching for startups, scaleups and microbusinesses

Startups and micro businesses form the vast majority of UK companies and they are essential for all our futures as many aim to break the mould, innovate and create.

Running a company is another matter. Until you really experience it it’s a closed book, regardless of any previous training. To be able to share questions and ideas with people in similar positions can help. If this is done in a Group Coaching context where little of your precious work time is taken and you can gain context and insights from other attendees it can really help.
So that’s what we have produced.

Seven 60-minute group coaching sessions on seven business areas (sales and marketing, suppliers and distributors, managing staff, investors, day-to-day finance, legal and ESG); one a fortnight.
It’s a rolling programme and people can join at any time – sessions do not follow on from each other.

Included is an Individual Performance Programme of four 30-minute sessions – all about how you work and interact. Three group sessions looking at Values, Emotional Quotient and Work Load. These help you in working with others and in getting day-to-day work done effectively and efficiently. Plus an initial one-to-one session looking at Team Roles and Skills which helps your focus in getting the most out of the programme and in moving forward with your business.

The fee for all of the above is currently £895.00 per attendee.

To learn more or signup please email me on or you can set up a 30 minute into call here