Growing Success for Startups

Growing success for startups

Starting and growing your business can be exhilarating and fun. It can also be scary and very hard work. This can take a toll and unfortunately in the UK around 60% will fail in the first three years.

How can we make it easier for these budding organisations to succeed?

We need to understand why they fail. There’s an HBR article that lists common reasons which can be grouped:

· Misunderstanding market, demand and competition
· Lack of business management competence
· Staff – lack of / too many / wrong
· Money and investment

These can be addressed by a combination of training, mentoring and coaching. This type of mix can multiply the impact, partly because of the types of skill and knowledge required and partly because of the different ways each of us learn.

In addition, it can really help if the people delivering these services have been involved in startups; i.e. they have ‘lived experience’.

There is one other aspect that can make a difference; understanding a little more about ourselves; who we are and how we work. It’s probably worth talking with the right professionals to find out; we would be very glad to help.