Is it beneficial if your business coach has both strong creative and business sides?

I would say ‘definitely’ but perhaps from a slightly unusual angle.

I’m a chartered engineer and engineering is a massively creative profession. At the core of engineering is design and turning that design into reality. The results are often stunning and endure. Just look at the three Forth Bridges as examples.

Engineering is also about problem solving, managing projects, running teams, working with budgets. Areas that every organisation has to work with.

A good engineer has the business knowledge and experience you might need in a coach and also the creative skills that can help drive innovation and transformation. Skills that can help an organisation move forward.

Here’s a slightly lesser-known fact; a fair number of engineers are musicians. In one band I played in the only non-engineer was the singer. Playing live can be complex teamwork and requires the ability to hear the whole from multiple perspectives at once if you are to create a good sound.

It also inspired me to start writing music. For example, my lockdown project was a solo album. If you’re interested, head to Soundcloud and search for Digging for Fish.

All of the above made me who I am today. They also inspired and created Lateral Coaching, which drives how I work as an Executive / Team Coach.

I should add I firmly believe that the wider our experiences the more we bring to the party. As a coach, that translates to the more benefit we can bring to our clients.

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